Embed your Weedmaps menu with our dispensary plugin for WordPress.

Our free Weedmaps plugin for WordPress allows administrative users to add a simple shortcode to their website which displays their entire Weedmaps menu of medical marijuana products.

Medical marijuana dispensaries can now get our Free Weedmaps Menu Embed plugin for WordPress!

As marijuana dispensaries for medical and recreational use seek out the best applications for their cannabis businesses, this plugin may provide features for a transition from Weedmaps third-party, hosted services to WordPress and WooCommerce dispensary websites.

Installation & Use

After uploading and installing the Weedmaps Menu Embed plugin, you will need to set your Listing ID in the plugin settings:
Dashboard > Settings > Weedmaps Embed

H32B Weedmaps WordPress Plugin - Weedmaps Menu Embed - Settings

Once your Listing ID has been saved, you may add your Weedmaps dispensary menu to any page or post of your WordPress website with our simple shortcode:

Our Weedmaps menu embed shortcode allows you to add classes for styling and designate the height of the iframe; default height is 800px.

For additional website functionality specific to the marijuana industry and WordPress dispensaries, we offer a specialized, WooCommerce-ready WordPress dispensary theme and several WooCommerce plugins for medical marijuana dispensary websites.

H32B is a third-party, medical marijuana focused plugin developer. The products and services provided by H32B are in no way endorsed by or affiliated with: Weedmaps or Ghost Management Group, LLC; and are intended for legal, licensed medical marijuana dispensaries and collectives.

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