WordPress dispensary child theme customization tutorial and code snippets for H32B2017 Dispensary Theme for WooCommerce.

In this tutorial, we will be using the H32B2017 child theme, included with our WooCommerce-enabled dispensary theme for WordPress, to add WooCommerce fees and taxes.

For more information about child theme development, please review the WordPress.org documentation.


Before customizing the child theme, you’ll need to set up the following:

Add a Custom WooCommerce Fee

Using your child theme’s functions.php file, you can add a custom fee calculation. In our example, we’ll be adding a handling fee for orders under $100.00.

Add Multiple WooCommerce Taxes

Our example functionality adds two (2) taxes for City and County which tax the cart subtotal at 15% and 12.5%, respectively. You may place this code in your child theme’s functions.php.

For more information about adding custom fees and taxes, please review the WooCommerce documentation.

Support & Feature Requests

Your feedback is always appreciated! It helps us improve our WordPress dispensary theme and add even more features that are useful for medical marijuana dispensaries.

If you experience issues with your theme, please submit a support ticket expedite a remote troubleshooting appointment. If you’d like to see a new feature implemented in the theme, don’t hesitate to contact us and select the “Feature Request” as the subject.

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