Daily Reconcile Report – Flower


Version 1.3.6 Detailed sales performance reports, combining flower variations, for medical marijuana dispensaries.


Sales performance overview which includes marijuana flower products sales data, combining gram-based product variations.

H32B’s Daily Reconcile Report – Flower plugin is ideal for tracking the sales performance of numerous products, including medical marijuana flower and pre-rolled joints, and for reviewing daily: gross, net, taxes, shipping and discounts.

The plugin also has an export as CSV feature to pull sales data into third-party finance and business management applications.

Complete the suite with H32B Flower Inventory Manager plugin!

Latest Features in v. 1.3

  • Option to include refunds in line-totals.

  • Option to display refunds as separate column.

  • Option to display total refunds in Quicklook totals.

  • Option to subtract refunds from Quicklook totals.

  • Payment method select options.


  • Detailed sales reports with line-item totals.

  • Includes unit quantity and gram quantities.

  • Combine variations for total flower strain weights.

  • Flower and pre-roll product category select options.

  • Order statuses multiple select option.

  • Flower weight variation and product gram-weight options.

  • Export sales reports as CSV for third-party import.

For more information about his plugin, please review the documentation.


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