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Documentation and tutorials for our marijuana inventory management WooCommerce plugin

Plugin Description

A WooCommerce plugin to track marijuana flower, to the gram, for individual strains as weight-based, variable flower products. Quickly restock flower products with an auto-inventory feature and transfer flower to in-house, pre-rolled products.

H32B's Flower Inventory Manager plugin for WooCommerce allows administrators to designate gram-based weights for flower variations (1 gram, 1/8 oz., 1/4 oz., etc.) to accurately track inventory and manage numerous strains of marijuana flower.

The plugin also features auto-inventory for variable flower products and transfer to move flower inventory to in-house pre-rolled products.


  • Flower inventory tracking in grams

  • Detailed flower inventory activity reports

  • Automated variation inventory restock

  • Automated variation inventory shifting

  • Flower transfer to in-house pre-roll products

  • Flower and pre-roll product category select

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are my flower products are showing a negative flower inventory?
If you have not selected the "Manage stock?" option in the product variations, the flower inventory will not be calculated correctly. Inventory must be managed at the variation level for the plugin to function properly. For more information, please read out Creating a Variable Medical Marijuana Flower Product in WooCommerce article.


How does the "Auto-restock flower inventory" feature work?
When you restock a flower product, if the flower inventory restock weight is greater than or equal to 20 grams, flower variation quantities are automatically restocked, as follows:

  • 50% of the flower restock weight is used to generate inventory for the 1 g. variation.
  • 40% of the flower restock weight is used to generate inventory for the 1/8 oz. variation.
  • 10% of the flower restock weight is used to generate inventory for the 1/4 oz. variation.


How does the "Shift flower inventory" feature work?
As the inventory for a flower product variation approaches 0, the inventory of a variation with a greater weight is reduced to create additional inventory for the variation of lesser weight.

  • If 1 g. variation inventory is less than or equal to 3 AND 1/8 oz. variation is greater than 1, an 1/8 oz. will be reduced to create more 1 g. variation inventory.
  • If 1/8 oz. variation inventory is less than or equal to 2 AND 1/4 oz. variation is greater than 0, a 1/4 oz. will be reduced to create more 1/8 oz. variation inventory.


Can I adjust the settings for the "Auto-restock flower inventory" and "Shift flower inventory" features?
The current settings have been proven to optimize flower inventory for stocking efficiency and sales performance. Flower variations are more fully stocked, with less un-stocked remainder and inventory flows into, conventionally, more profitable variations.

The next release will include more options to configure the Auto-restock flower inventory and Shift flower inventory features of this plugin, with current settings as defaults.



In your admin panel, go to Plugins and click the "Add New" button

Click "Upload Plugin" and Choose File, then select the plugin's file. Click "Install Now"

Click "Activate Plugin"

You will be redirected to Flower Inventory Manager Page in WooCommerce > Flower Inventory

Your license key can be found in My Account > Orders "License Manage" for the corresponding order.

Enter your license key and click "Save Settings".

Your Flower Inventory Manager WooCommerce plugin is activated!


Plugin Settings

Please see our step-by-step guide for configuring plugin settings found in WooCommerce > Flower Inventory.


Screenshots of ouw flower inventory manager plugin for WooCommerce, which allows marijuana dispensary owners to track their bulk marijuana inventory to the gram and transfer raw flower into in-house pre-rolls.

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