A comprehensive overview and walkthrough of our Disclaimer Pop-up Window plugin which allows marijuana dispensaries to create custom age restriction and sitewide announcements.

In this tutorial, we’ll be reviewing this marijuana dispensary compliance and disclaimers plugin’s prerequisites, how to configure the plugin settings, and code snippets for custom disclaimer HTML content examples.

Tutorial resource for medical marijuana dispensary disclaimer pop-up window plugin for sitewide age restriction and patient restriction notifications, Disclaimer Pop-up Window.


Before configuring the plugin, you’ll need to set up and create the following:

Plugin Settings

The Disclaimer Pop-up Window plugin’s settings allow admins to designate:

Disclaimer Pop-up Window - Settings

  • Enable Disclaimer
    Enable the sitewide disclaimer notification.

  • Disclaimer HTML Content
    HTML content which appears in the body of the sitewide disclaimer notification.

  • Start Date
    Scheduled start date and time for the sitewide disclaimer notification. If empty, the disclaimer is shown.

  • End Date
    Scheduled end date and time for the sitewide disclaimer notification to stop being displayed. Start Date must be set to use End Date.

Disclaimer Pop-up Window - More Settings

  • Exclude Pages
    If the user needs to review terms and conditions before accepting the sitewide disclaimer, these pages may be viewed with out the disclaimer and without requiring the user to accept before viewing specific pages.

  • Delay Disclaimer Display
    In an effort to affect human users but allow indexing, you may set a delay (in seconds) for the sitewide disclaimer.

  • Cookie Expires
    How long to store the cookie, added to a users browser when the disclaimer is accepted, which prevents the disclaimer from being displayed. By default, this value is 180 days (~6 months).

Example Disclaimer HTML Content

The Disclaimer Pop-up Window on the demo features a default age restriction gate, which prompts users to attest to their legal age before proceeding to the website.

Age Restriction

This HTML snippet includes shortcode for acceptance button and two (2) terms pages which should be added to “Exclude Pages” setting.

Patient Restriction

This HTML snippet includes shortcode for acceptance button and two (2) terms pages which should be added to “Exclude Pages” setting.

Sales Announcement

This HTML snippet includes raw code for acceptance button and no terms pages as a scheduled, sitewide sales announcement.

Support & Feature Requests

Your feedback is always appreciated! It helps us improve our plugins and add new features that are useful for medical marijuana dispensaries.

If you experience issues with your plugin, please submit a support ticket so we can be made aware of your issue and work with you to resolve it. If you’d like to see a new feature implemented in the plugin, please contact us and select the “Feature Request” subject.

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