Medical Marijuana Web Design & Development

Our WordPress dispensary theme and WooCommerce plugin suite for marijuana dispensaries have been developed specifically for the cannabis industry.

CBD Web Design Our H32B2017 Dispensary Theme for WordPress can be quickly customized for CDB dispensaries.
H32B Medical Marijuana Dispensary Theme & Plugins

H32B is a third-party, cannabis industry focused plugin developer. The products and services provided by H32B are in no way endorsed by WordPress, WooCommerce, Automattic Inc., Gravity Forms or Rocketgenius, Inc. and are intended for legal, licensed medical marijuana dispensaries and collectives.

H32B’s theme and plugins were designed for the cannabis industry with features that are more than useful, they’re a modern requirement! Our experience in the medical marijuana industry, working with several dispensaries and collectives in the US grants us an insight into how the marijuana industry works and how it can work even better.

Additional custom web design and web development services may be purchased to extend the WordPress marijuana dispensary theme’s functionality and specialized WordPress and WooCommerce plugins for marijuana flower inventory and sales management.

H32B also offers internet marketing consultation for medical marijuana businesses seeking: to grow their patient/customer base, expand distribution and service into new legal areas, review compliance with state and local laws, and improve web security and risk management protocols.

Why Use WordPress and WooCommerce?

Roughly 28% of the web uses WordPress to power websites, from small personal blogs to massive news sites.

With WooCommerce, small businesses are able to transform their WordPress websites into e-commerce shopping carts and integrate additional features with themes and plugins.

Third-party services are more susceptible to legal pressure causing them to suspend or deactivate accounts associated with medical marijuana. This is a threat as your medical marijuana dispensary website could be taken offline, and all your information and data in the account would no longer be accessible. Furthermore, third-party services fail to compete with WordPress in one big area: data ownership. With WordPress, you own the website, sales data, product information and patient/customer records. Why would you freely give all this valuable marketing data away to a service that is also charging you?

WordPress empowers website owners, the same way that the Gutenberg press empowered printers in the 15th century. Retain ownership of your valuable website and customer data with WordPress and WooCommerce.

Everything You Need & Nothing You Don’t

Our marijuana dispensary theme and plugins were developed to be lightweight and powerful solutions for a WooCommerce-powered medical marijuana website.

By using WordPress and WooCommerce best standards and practices our theme and plugins demonstrate amazing performance individually, and when combined they provide unparalleled control and oversight to marijuana dispensary website owners.

A simple and intuitive design let’s individuals, with limited technical experience, install and configure our medical marijuana WordPress theme and plugins in minutes! H32B also offers educational resources that further assist with: creating variable WooCommerce products for individual medical marijuana flower strains, creating and managing coupons and configuring the H32B2017 theme and our WooCommerce plugins.

We’re also experienced in staff training to ensure that marijuana dispensary workers have a clear understanding of the administrative dashboard, WooCommerce order workflow and theme/plugin functionality.

Scalability & Franchising

H32B Medical Marijuana Industry Expansion

As the marijuana industry rapidly expands, dispensary owners are faced with the challenge of opening more dispensaries and potentially even offering franchise opportunities.

Our theme and plugin licenses are for single domain and unlimited domains. Regardless of size, you have the option to expand and grow your business when the time comes.

For a discussion about expanding your cannabis business, don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation or to schedule on-site visit (based on availability).

Dispensary Website Design & Plugin Development

Additional web design and web development services may be purchased to extend the functionality of our WordPress theme and WooCommerce plugins.

For user registration activation/restriction and medical marijuana recommendation management, Web Development package should, ideally, be purchased or a custom quote requested.