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Documentation and tutorials for our WooCommerce-ready, medical marijuana dispensary WordPress theme.

Dispensary Theme Description

Our WooCommerce-ready, marijuana dispensary WordPress theme was designed for medical marijuana dispensary owners using WooCommerce for online ordering and patient/customer management.

H32B2017 Marijuana Dispensary Theme for WordPress and WooCommerce allows medical marijuana dispensary owners to launch a customized e-commerce dispensary website for online ordering and patient/user management.

WordPress is a powerful content management system (CMS) that can be rapidly designed, developed and extended to create informational and e-commerce websites.

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  • Responsive - Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

  • WooCommerce-ready WordPress theme

  • Customizer theme options

  • Twitter Bootstrap 3.3.7 included

  • fancyapps Fancybox 3 included

  • IcoMoon icons (free) included

  • "Delivery Area by Zip Code" widget

  • Free "Credit Card on Delivery" payment method

  • Homepage image slider options

  • Over 40 custom color options

  • Top 30 Google webfonts options

  • Social media links, Weedmaps & Leafly!

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see your question here? Ask us directly!


Does your theme include demo content?
Due to the regulatory nature of the cannabis industry, we are not currently offering demo content to pre-populate WordPress pages and WooCommerce products with our theme. However, we do provide a theme customization walkthrough and a variable bulk flower product tutorial, in addition to extensive WooCommerce documentation and WooCommerce product set-up tutorials.

You may also be interested in our Installation & Configuration package which provides demo: posts, pages, menus, widgets, customizer theme options and four (4) WooCommerce test products.


Is the Join form part of your theme?
The user registration form, on the demo's Join page, is an implementation of Gravity Forms User Registration (Elite Add-on) using our Third-party Plugin Set-up package.

Please note, a Gravity Forms Elite license is required for our dispensary user registration implementation.


Why are my top header menu and message gone after updating to version 1.4?
In version 1.4 we added the option to enable/disable the top header. In the WordPress admin dashboard got to: Appearance > Customize > Header and for the "Top header" option select "Enable". You should already see your top header back in the WP Customizer preview widow. Click "Publish" to save your changes and apply them to the live website.


Do you offer a free trial period for your H32B2017 WordPress Dispensary theme?
No, currently we do not offer any free trial period for our theme or plugins. We do fully support our theme and plugins and want to ensure that our clients are satisfied with their purchases. We consistently listen and respond to client requests for new features. If you think we're missing something in our dispensary software, please let us know!


How do I set up the H32B2017 theme options?
The H32B2017 theme uses WordPress Customizer for theme settings. Log into your Admin Dashboard and select Appearance > Customize. We've also created a detailed walkthrough of our H32B2017 WordPress Dispensary theme overviewing the theme's Customizer options.



Before activating, please install and configure WooCommerce.

In your admin panel, go to Appearance > Themes and click the "Add New" button

Click "Upload" and Choose File, then select the theme's file. Click "Install Now"

Click "Activate"

You will be redirected to H32B2017 Page in Appearance > Dispensary Theme

Your license key can be found in My Account > Orders "License Manage" for the corresponding order.

Enter your license key and click "Save Settings".

Your H32B2017 WordPress Dispensary theme is activated!


Theme Options

To set up your theme options, go to Appearance > Customize

Please see our step-by-step guide for updating theme options in Appearance > Customize.


For a live demo of our H32B2017 Marijuana Dispensary WordPress theme, please visit

Screenshots of our WooCommerce-ready, WordPress dispensary theme for legal, marijuana dispensaries and collectives using WordPress CMS and WooCommerce for their e-commerce website.

H32B2017 Marijuana Dispensary WordPress Theme

H32B2017 Marijuana Dispensary WordPress Theme

H32B2017 Marijuana Dispensary WordPress Theme

H32B2017 Marijuana Dispensary WordPress Theme

H32B2017 Marijuana Dispensary WordPress Theme

H32B2017 Marijuana Dispensary WordPress Theme

H32B2017 Marijuana Dispensary WordPress Theme

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