Dispensary Delivery Driver


Version 1.7.1 Create/manage driver users, assign orders and allow driver users to self-assign, mark delivered view order details and accept customer signatures in a mobile-friendly view.


Creates “Driver” users and allows marijuana dispensary administrators to assign WooCommerce orders to dispensary delivery Drivers.

H32B’s Dispensary Delivery Driver plugin also adds a new WooCommerce order statuses: “Out for delivery” and “Delivered”; and adds order notes when Drivers are added/changed/removed.

The plugin also displays designated orders and order details to Drivers, and other authorized users, in a secure and mobile-friendly view.

New Features in v. 1.6

  • New customer email notifications for “Out for Delivery” and “Delivered” order statuses

  • New admin email notification for “Delivered” order status

  • New WordPress user role Packer & order assignment

  • Signature on delivery option

  • Attach signature image to Delivered email notifications option

  • Embed signature image (data URI) in Delivered email notifications option

Features in v. 1.5

  • Adds Driver sortable column to Orders

  • Bulk action order status update “Out for Delivery”

  • Bulk action order status update “Delivered”

Features in v. 1.4

  • Admins may allow drivers to claim orders

  • Updates driver order update notices

  • Adds driver self-assign option

  • Adds driver order maximum option

Features in v. 1.3

  • Adds new “Delivered” order status

  • Admins may allow Drivers to mark assigned orders “Delivered”


  • Creates a new WordPress user role, “Driver”

  • Adds new WooCommerce order status, “Out for delivery”

  • Allows admins to assign orders to designated Driver users

  • Delivery addresses linked to Google Maps search query

  • Creates order notes to track order/driver assignments

  • Designate driver view page and driver users by role

  • Specify order statuses that are seen by Drivers

  • Add dispensary dispatch phone for quick, on-the-road questions

For more information about his plugin, please review the documentation.


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