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Documentation and tutorials for our marijuana sales performance WooCommerce plugin

Plugin Description

Sales performance overview which includes: marijuana flower products sales data, combining gram-based product variations and CSV export for importing website sales data to third-party accounting software.

H32B's Daily Reconcile Report – Flower WooCommerce plugin is ideal for tracking the sales performance of numerous products, including medical marijuana flower and pre-rolled joints, and for reviewing daily: gross, net, taxes, shipping and discounts.

The plugin also has an export as CSV feature to pull sales data into third-party accounting and management software.


  • Detailed sales reports with line-item totals.

  • Includes unit quantity and gram quantities.

  • Combine variations for total flower strain weights.

  • Flower and pre-roll product category select options.

  • Order statuses multiple select option.

  • Flower weight variation and product gram-weight options.

  • Export sales reports as CSV for third-party import.

  • Coming Soon Payment method select options.

Frequently Asked Questions

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In your admin panel, go to Plugins and click the "Add New" button

Click "Upload Plugin" and Choose File, then select the plugin's file. Click "Install Now"

Click "Activate Plugin"

You will be redirected to Daily Reconcile Report - Flower Page in WooCommerce > Daily Reconcile

Your license key can be found in My Account > Orders "License Manage" for the corresponding order.

Enter your license key and click "Save Settings".

Your Daily Reconcile Report - Flower WooCommerce plugin is activated!


Plugin Settings

Configure the plugin settings found in WooCommerce > Daily Reconcile.


Screenshots of our medical marijuana plugin which provides sales reports for medical marijuana products, including bulk flower.

H32B Daily Reconcile Report - Flower

H32B Daily Reconcile Report - Flower - Download

H32B Daily Reconcile Report - Flower - Settings

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