Creative marketing and sales promotions speak volumes to price-sensitive medical marijuana patients.

WooCommerce’s coupon feature is one of many that make WordPress and WooCommerce an ideal combination for creating an e-commerce store quickly and without sacrificing functionality.

Since the medical marijuana is such a new industry, the number of new marijuana collectives and dispensaries has started to increase dramatically. Acquiring new customers and patients, while retaining your current patient base is a challenge when paired with fiercely competitive pricing and price-sensitive customers.

Unfamiliar with WooCommerce coupons? Read our overview and the WooCommerce documentation.

WooCommerce Coupon Code – No Sales Tax

For this article, we’ll be reviewing how to create a promotional coupon code that will equal the total sales tax for a customer order.

Here is our equation for finding the correct percentage to remove sales tax:

// Equation to calculate our coupon discount percentage
Coupon = Tax/(1 + Tax)

For this example, let’s assume that sales tax is 9.00%. The coupon percentage discount will be calculated:

// Calculate 9% as 0.09
Coupon = 0.09/1.09

// Use coupon discount percentage to the hundredths place
Coupon = 0.08256 = 8.25%

From this example, we can see that a sales tax of 9.00% can be effectively nullified with a coupon for a cart discount of 8.25%. Go ahead and try it on your WooCommerce store by creating a “No Tax” coupon and placing a test order as a customer on the frontend of the website.

Beyond the Discount

While it’s simple enough to create a coupon code for a specific percentage discount, an inspiring or at least slightly patriotic promotion may prove to have a more lasting effect among price-sensitive medical marijuana patients.

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