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Documentation and tutorials for our marijuana dispensary delivery driver plugin for WooCommerce.

Plugin Description

For medical marijuana delivery dispensaries, the Dispensary Delivery Driver plugin for WooCommerce adds functionality to allow administrators to create "Driver" users and assign Driver users orders. Drivers are able to view their assigned orders and specific order details in a mobile-view.

H32B Dispensary Delivery Driver WooCommerce Plugin - Screenshot

H32B's Dispensary Delivery Driver plugin for WooCommerce also adds a new order status "Out for delivery" for additional control and communication to staff and patients.

Administrators set the Driver view page, Driver users by role, order statuses visible to assigned drivers and a dispatch phone for quick calls and questions from Drivers.

New Features in v. 1.3

  • Adds new "Delivered" order status

  • Admins may allow Drivers to mark assigned orders "Delivered"



  • Creates a new WordPress user role, "Driver"

  • Adds new WooCommerce order status, "Out for delivery"

  • Allows admins to assign orders to designated Driver users

  • Delivery addresses linked to Google Maps search query

  • Creates order notes to track order/driver assignments

  • Designate driver view page and driver users by role

  • Specify order statuses that are seen by Drivers

  • Add dispensary dispatch phone for quick, on-the-road questions


Frequently Asked Questions

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Claim Order and Mark Delivered buttons don't work. I click them but they don't do anything.
Currently, the plugin requires that an SSL is installed on the website to successfully process AJAX requests. For affordable SSL certificates, visit: Alternatively, you may be able to request a self-signed SSL from your web host.


How does the Driver page work?
You will add a new page, or designate an existing page, to be the Driver view page. When Driver users log into the website, they will be automatically redirected to this page which displays their respective assigned orders.


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In your admin panel, go to Plugins and click the "Add New" button

Click "Upload Plugin" and Choose File, then select the plugin's file. Click "Install Now"

Click "Activate Plugin"

You will be redirected to Dispensary Delivery Driver Page in WooCommerce > Delivery Driver

Your license key can be found in My Account > Orders "License Manage" for the corresponding order.

Enter your license key and click "Save Settings".

Your Dispensary Delivery Driver WooCommerce plugin is activated!


Plugin Settings

Configure the plugin settings found in WooCommerce > Delivery Driver.


Screenshots of our medical marijuana dispensary driver plugin for WooCommerce which creates a new 'Driver" user role and allows administrators to assign orders to Drivers in a responsive, mobile-friendly view.

H32B - Dispensary Delivery Driver WooCommerce Plugin - Marijuana Delivery Dispensary Mobile Views

H32B - Dispensary Delivery Driver WooCommerce Plugin - Plugin Settings

H32B - Dispensary Delivery Driver WooCommerce Plugin - Admin Order

H32B - Dispensary Delivery Driver WooCommerce Plugin - Customer Order Details

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