Flower Inventory Manager


Version 1.8 Accurate flower inventory tracking, to the gram, for medical marijuana dispensaries.


Specialized WooCommerce plugin for tracking and managing gram-based weight inventory of medical marijuana flower products.

H32B’s Flower Inventory Manager plugin allows administrators to designate gram-based weights for flower variations (1 gram, 1/8 oz., 1/4 oz., etc.) to accurately track marijuana inventory and manage numerous strains of marijuana flower.

This marijuana inventory plugin also features auto-inventory for variable flower products and transfer to move flower inventory to in-house pre-rolled products.

Complete the suite with H32B Daily Reconcile Report – Flower plugin!

Latest Features in v. 1.7

  • Untrack individual strain/flower product

  • Weight attribute plugin settings update

  • Purge plugin data: tracking, logs, flower inventory and settings

Features in v. 1.6

  • Enhanced auto-inventory restock

  • Product variation weight override

  • Flower inventory restock on refund

  • Screen Options, pagination products & logs

Feature in v. 1.5

Full release of the inventory shift feature, supporting half and ounce variations.

Features in v. 1.4

  • Include/exclude WooCommerce flower product weight variations

  • Auto-inventory restock now supports 1/2 oz. and 1 oz. variations

Features in v. 1.3

  • Advanced options for automated inventory restock

  • Advanced options for inventory shifting (beta)


  • Flower inventory tracking in grams

  • Detailed flower inventory activity reports

  • Automated variation inventory restock

  • Automated variation inventory shift

  • Flower transfer to in-house pre-roll products

  • Flower and pre-roll product category select

For more information about his plugin, please review the documentation.


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