As of 2018, marijuana sale is now legal for recreational use in California

Existing marijuana dispensaries should review their options for compliance and practices given these legislative changes.

While recreational use may be legal in California, it is only legal for people over 21 years of age to possess and consume marijuana. Dispensaries must still comply with local and city ordinances which may take further steps to ensure legal cannabis is not abused or redistributed to underage individuals.

H32B - Recreational Marijuana Legal in California - Marijuana Dispensary Web DesignWe offer our Disclaimer Pop-up Window plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce so marijuana collective and dispensary owners may create a custom age verification and/or announcement for first-time visitors to their WooCommerce dispensary website.

Online dispensaries may also be able to provide marijuana delivery services, in legal areas (please check your city/local ordinances), allowing recreational marijuana customers to place orders online, via a WooCommerce dispensary website, and request in-dispensary pick-up or at-home delivery. To manage marijuana delivery drivers and local delivery orders, consider our Dispensary Delivery Driver plugin for WooCommerce.

Our flagship H32B2017 WordPress dispensary theme, designed for WooCommerce, also features a marijuana delivery area widget (updated to include Canadian postal codes as of version 1.2).

Additional Resources

Please review the links below for more information about California’s new recreational marijuana legislation, licensing and taxes.

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