H32B Flower Inventory Manager - Auto-Inventory & Inventory Shift - Automated Inventory Features

Bulk Marijuana Flower Inventory Management – Automated Features for WooCommerce

H32B’s Flower Inventory Manager plugin provides automated inventory features for marijuana stock management in WooCommerce dispensary websites. In this article, we’ll review automated inventory features used in our Flower Inventory Manager plugin, and provide examples which demonstrate functionality. Our bulk marijuana inventory management plugin for WooCommerce was developed to extend, while preserving extensions and custom […]

H32B - Flower Inventory Manager Plugin Tutorial - Marijuana Inventory Tracking WooCommerce

Tracking Marijuana Inventory with Flower Inventory Manager Plugin for WooCommerce

A complete overview and walkthrough of our Flower Inventory Manager plugin for WooCommerce which tracks marijuana inventory. In this tutorial, we’ll be reviewing this marijuana inventory tracking plugin’s prerequisites, how to set up tracking for a flower product, weight tracking features and WooCommerce inventory functionality. Tutorial resource for marijuana inventory tracking plugin for WooCommerce, Flower […]

Creating a Variable Medical Marijuana Flower Product in WooCommerce

PREREQUISITE resource for Flower Inventory Manager and Daily Reconcile Report – Flower plugins. You will need to be logged into your WordPress Dashboard to proceed with this tutorial. Medical marijuana dispensaries distribute flower by weight, usually in grams. This tutorial will demonstrate how to: create a weight attribute in WooCommerce, create a variable product in […]