This month, we released three (3) minor version updates for our medical marijuana theme and plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce websites.

We updated our medical marijuana dispensary software: H32B2017 Marijuana Dispensary theme for WordPress, Flower Inventory Manager plugin for WooCommerce, and Dispensary Delivery Driver plugin for WooCommerce with enhancements and new features.

We want to thank our medical marijuana dispensary software customers in the United States and Canada for their contributions and feedback that helped us focus on these cannabis industry-specific enhancements. Our custom dispensary plugins for WooCommerce and marijuana dispensary WordPress themes will continue to evolve based on the customer feedback and feature requests. Keep your H32B WordPress theme and WooCommerce plugins up-to-date with an active license key, providing automatic updates via Dashboard > Updates.

Have feedback or a feature request for our medical marijuana dispensary plugins for WordPress & WooCommerce? Please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask; we may be working on it already!

H32B2017 Marijuana Dispensary Theme for WordPress, v. 1.4

Our most recent update brings our WordPress dispensary theme up to version 1.4.x, and adds a few more features to our flagship dispensary website template for WordPress and WooCommerce.

  • Homepage slider transition options

  • Top header enable/disable option

  • Adds cart navigation cart_contents count

  • WordPress & WooCommerce archives pagination

  • Adds shop menu override for product categories menu

  • CSS fixes for IE9+

H32B Flower Inventory Manager Plugin for WooCommerce, v. 1.5

Our WooCommerce plugin design to track bulk marijuana flower as variable weight-based products, fully launches the Inventory Shift feature to support gram to ounce weight variations with a trickle down method employed to maintain minimum variation inventory quantities.

  • One (1) ounce variation shifts to create two (2) half variations

  • One (1) half variation shifts to create two (2) quarter variations

  • One (1) quarter variation shifts to create two (2) eighth variations

  • One (1) eighth variation shifts to create three (3) gram variations

H32B Medical Marijuana Dispensary WooCommerce Plugin - Marijuana Dispensary Delivery Driver

H32B Dispensary Delivery Driver Plugin for WooCommerce, v. 1.4

Perhaps our most anticipated feature is the addition of our dispensary delivery driver self-assign option which allows Drivers to assign themselves delivery orders, up to the maximum active order amount designated by WooCommerce dispensary administrators.

  • Admins may allow drivers to claim orders

  • Updates driver order update notices

  • Adds driver self-assign option

  • Adds driver order maximum option

H32B Dispensary Software Coupon Codes for Installation & Configuration

This month, we’re offering two discount coupon codes for our, newly added, H32B medical marijuana dispensary software installation and configuration services. These coupon codes can not be used in conjunction with any other discount codes, but may be used on sale items.

This offer has expired.


Get $75 off Installation & Configuration with a minimum subtotal of $392USD, including installation & configuration product.


Get $150 off Installation & Configuration with a minimum subtotal of $586USD, including installation & configuration product(s).

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